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Do you need to migrate to Drive API when using


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The 22nd of January, I received an email with the subject 'Important: Steps to migrate from discontinued Documents List API' from Google Apps .

Important: Steps to migrate from discontinued Documents List API

Hello administrators,

We recently communicated that Documents List API will be discontinued on April 20, 2015. This change means that service calls for this API will no longer be supported, and any Google Apps features that are implemented using this API will no longer function.

Our records indicate that you may have an application that uses Documents List API, and we recommend that you migrate to Drive API, which has comparable functionality, as soon as possible.

Here's what you need to do:

Determine if you have an application that makes requests to these types of URLs:

Migrate the applications to Drive API. If you have questions about migration, please contact Google Apps for Work Support.

Sincerely, The Google Apps for Work Team

I think it says that applications using should migrate to the new Drive API. But in the new Drive API, this URL is used too:

Is there a typo somewhere in the URL either in the email or Drive API documentation? Or is this email saying that when you determined you used any of these URL's you're OK?

PS: I opened a case at Google but I fear a late response, so I asked here.


Short answer is no.

The Docslist API is being discontinued because it has been replaced by the Drive API. In the case of the Spreadsheet API, there is no replacement API (yet - maybe one day), so it remains supported.

The only gotcha is that at some point, only OAuth 2 will be supported for authentication/authorisation so if you're using OAuth 1 or u/p, you have some work to do.


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