ant,filepath,unzip,unjar , How to use ant unjar file from a jar into a specific directory without path from jar

How to use ant unjar file from a jar into a specific directory without path from jar


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I want to copy files from within a jar to a specific directory without preserving the path in the jar.

I can use unjar to find just the files I want from the jar OK:

<unjar dest="some_dest_path" overwrite="true" src="somejar.jar">
        <include name="somepath_in_jar/somefile.ext" />

but the somefile gets extracted to:


when I want the file to get extracted to:


ie without dragging the path it was packaged with along with the process

How can I extract a file from a jar without having the extracted file include the path it was packaged with?


Try to use a mapper

<unjar dest="some_dest_path" overwrite="true" src="somejar.jar">
    <include name="somepath_in_jar/somefile.ext" />
  <mapper type="flatten"/>

see ant mapper


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