actionscript-3,class,actionscript,superclass , When using the 'Class' datatype, how can I specify the type so I only accept subclass of a specific class?

When using the 'Class' datatype, how can I specify the type so I only accept subclass of a specific class?


Tag: actionscript-3,class,actionscript,superclass

I've got a method that accepts a parameter of type Class, and I want to only accept classes that extend SuperClass. Right now, all I can figure out to do is this, which does a run-time check on an instance:

public function careless(SomeClass:Class):void {
    var instance:SomeClass = new SomeClass();
    if (instance as SuperClass) {
        // great, i guess
    } else {
        // damn, wish i'd have known this at compile time


Is there any way to do something like this, so I can be assured that a Class instance extends some super class?

public function careful(SomeClass:[Class extends SuperClass]):void {
    var instance:SuperClass = new SomeClass();
    // all is good


If you are going to instantiate it anyway, why not accept an object instead which allows you to type it to :SuperClass?

careless(new SomeClass);

Not too much of a problem there as far as your code goes. There are a few differences though:

All that is solved by the factory pattern. Pass a factory as the parameter that produces SuperClass objects.

function careful(factory:SuperClassFactory)


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