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Can't use WebBrowser Scrollbar on winforms


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I have a Winforms VB.NET application that uses a WebBrowser control to render HTML.

The WebBrowser is embedded into a Panel, which is on another Panel. So the embedding is Form --> Panel --> Panel --> WebBrowser

Whenever the DocumentText surpasses the visible borders of the WebBrowser the scrollbar is displayed and you'd think you can scroll with it, but you can't. The scrollbar does not respond to the mouse input. I debugged for hours now and can't find a solution. Another thing that is off, is that this is the only control where visual styles seem to be deactivated. The scrollbar looks different than other scrollbars on the same panel.

In summary:

  1. Only control that seems to have visual styles disabled
  2. Can't use scrollbar, even though it is not greyed out and actually displays a bar.

I've already created a sample project with this setup, which does not show the same problem. What could be happening here?

Unnormal Scrollbar behaviour in WebBrowser


Okay, I guess I had a pretty unique situation here.

In my code, the WebBrowser was casted to an Control and then set to Enabled = False, which works for a Control, but is not supported for the WebBrowser. Afterwards the WebBrowser was set to Enabled = True. So internally, the WebBrowser was not selectable, because Enabled was False even though this is unsupported by the WebBrowser.

Dim xBrowser As WebBrowser
Dim xControl = CType(xBrowser, Control)
xControl.Enabled = False 'Works
xBrowser.Enabled = True 'Does not work.
'Result: WebBrowser not selectable.


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