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Combine data into smaller discrete intervals


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Suppose we have a pair of input arrays, or a list of (key, value) tuples if you prefer. What's an elegant and performant way to combine values that have indices falling in a certain interval? For example, if the interval (or 'bin') size is 10 then the values of all indices from 0 < x <= 10 would be combined, as would the values of indices from 10 < x <= 20 and so on. I want:

let interval = 10
let index  = [| 6; 12; 18; 24 |]
let value  = [| a;  b;  c;  d |]
result = [| a; b + c; d |]

The crudest way to do this would be to use a whole lot of if, else if statements (the index range has a defined upper limit). I got close with

for i = 0 to index.Length do
    result.[Math.Floor(index.[i]/10] += value.[Math.Floor(index.[i]/10]

but this is doing 0 <= x < 10, not 0 < x <= 10.

I also tried assuming the indices are ordered and evenly spaced, with

for i = 1 : ( index.Length - 1 ) / valuesPerBin
    valueRange = ((i-1)*valuesPerBin + 1) : i*valuesPerBin )
    result(i) = sum(value(valueRange))

which is nice but obviously breaks if there is a non integer number of values per bin.

What's the best way of doing this in F#? Is there a name or an existing function for what I'm trying to do?

let interval = 10 
let index = [6;12;18;24] 
let value =[101;102;103;104] 
let intervals = List.map (fun e -> e/interval) index
let keys = List.map2(fun e1 e2 -> (e1,e2)) intervals value
let skeys = Seq.ofList keys
let result = skeys
             |>Seq.groupBy (fun p -> fst p) 
             |>Seq.map (fun p -> snd p)
             |>Seq.map(fun s -> Seq.sumBy (fun p -> snd p) s)

result will be [101;205;104] (as a Seq).

If you want to convert to an array, apply Seq.toArray.

Is it what you wanted ?


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