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What is: Bad_dump!missing_teb (Windows Phone Dev Center Crash Log)


Tag: crash,windows-phone-8.1,out-of-memory,crash-reports,crash-dumps

The following 2 crashes are being reported as our WP 8.1 app's highest occurance crashes based on Window's developer center's crash logs.

Any clue what they mean or how to debug them? I suspect 'out of memory' but would like to confirm.


bad_dump!missing_teb BAD_DUMP_MISSING_MEMORY_MISSING_CLR_METADATA_bad_dump!missing_teb




I've been told by a Microsoft Technical rep that it is a bad dump and you can not retrieve any additional information on it.

He pointed me to the following:


windows phone 8.1: Hide stackpanel if textblock is empty

my xaml code is given below my whole xaml <Page x:Class="App13.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:local="using:App13" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" mc:Ignorable="d" xmlns:converter="using:App13" Background="{ThemeResource ApplicationPageBackgroundThemeBrush}"> <Page.Resources>...

ViewModel Called on Navigation Back Prism MVVM Windows Phone 8.1 C#

I'm working on an application and everything works fine but when I go back to the previous page the View Model is called so it will not maintain the old data. I use this line to call My View Model in XAML. prismmvvm:ViewModelLocator.AutoWireViewModel="true" So my question is: How do I...

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How to change mediaelement to scale in portrait and fullscreen in landscape mode on Windows Phone 8.1?

I am having difficulty trying to change the <mediaelement /> to fullscreen automatically when the phone is rotated in landscape mode. Right now, the video will play fullscreen when I tap the lower right button that scales to full screen when I tap on it, but I don't want that....

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I have the image URL. How can I save it into Isolated Storage in WP 8.1. Can I trigger both save it and then share it onto Facebook with only one button? This is my code - which work well following Burak Kaan Köse's: public async void GetImage() { StorageFolder...

GridView with two columns Win Phone 8.1

I am currently learning Windows Phone 8.1 app development. I am going through this Channel 9 series of video tutorials. They are useful but unfortunately are for Windows Phone 8, not 8.1 and so there are some things I can't follow. I am stuck in such a situation. I want...

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I have a cross-platform project, using mvvmcross and stuff. Right now, solution consists of Core and Windows Phone projects. Core contains AutoMapper reference, and WP project contains AutoMapper and AutoMapper.WPA references. Application works fine in most cases, but sometimes it throws exceptions like Could not load file or assembly 'AutoMapper.Net4'....

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unable to add reference to

I am working on text to speech conversion in windows 8.1 (silverlight) and i need to access the SynthesizeTextToStreamAsync method for which I need to add reference to I am unable to add this reference to my project it shows me error message as A reference to a higher...

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Can anyone tell me, how can I convert my windows phone 8.1 (universal) app to Android or IOS? is this possible? without using Xamarin. thanks

Windows Phone 8.1 get image from base64 string

How can i get an Image from a base64 string on Windows Phone 8.1? I know how to decode the image if that helps? var imageBytes = Convert.FromBase64String(base64StringWithImageData); var ms = new MemoryStream(imageBytes, 0, imageBytes.Length); var decoder = await BitmapDecoder.CreateAsync(BitmapDecoder.PngDecoderId, ms.AsRandomAccessStream()); But nowhere have i found how i can get...

Single sign on single native client windows phone using ADAL

We have a windows phone native app (and building for android, iOS also) which uses ADAL to get token for ex:graph. ADAL is asking for credentials for the first time. Now inside of this native app on some frame we have a WebView control which launches another website (our own)...

What is: Bad_dump!missing_teb (Windows Phone Dev Center Crash Log)

The following 2 crashes are being reported as our WP 8.1 app's highest occurance crashes based on Window's developer center's crash logs. Any clue what they mean or how to debug them? I suspect 'out of memory' but would like to confirm. First: bad_dump!missing_teb BAD_DUMP_MISSING_MEMORY_MISSING_CLR_METADATA_bad_dump!missing_teb Second: bad_dump!missing_teb BAD_DUMP_MISSING_MEMORY_NULL_CLASS_PTR_READ_ZEROED_STACK_MISSING_CLR_METADATA_bad_dump!missing_teb ...

Why can't I use the Windows.Phone.Media.Capture namespace?

I'm attempting to use the AudioVideoCaptureDevice namespace in my application however I can't seem to locate the namespace. My guess is that I'm missing an assembly reference but I'm unsure if this should be required. I'm using Visual Studio 2015 and building against the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. ...

How crash reporting tools really work

I know there are many crash reporting tools available in the market to collect crashes from the real devices. I would like to know how a crash reporting tool really collects its data?. Does it collect a crash report from the operating system once the crashed application launched again? or...

windows phone 8.1 microphone line in audio streaming

I'm trying to pass some data from one phone to another while the both are connected via the audio jackets(3.5mm) with an appropriate cable. How do I know if my phone can catch data through the 3.5mm audio jacket? I some some posts say that there is no way to...

Xcode 6.3.2 unexpectedly crashing on App Store submission

I was about to submit my app for TestFlight testers , the Xcode has crashed for 6th consecutive time and it is still crashing , I'm just hanged in the middle . Any suggestions what to do ? Thank you in advance for the help. Process: Xcode [1917] Path: /Applications/

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windows phone: deserialise and store both json key and value to modal

Hello guyzzzz i want to store both key and value in modal class...below is my json.. { "Example": [ { "Invoice": { "TFDGFF": " 200", "BF": " 200", "MD": "10", "EFM": " 12", "ATT": "4" }, "TF": "200" }, { "Invoice": { "DF": " 49", "DR": " 49", "KJ": "4",...

ItemsWrapGrid Order in Windows Phone 8.1

I have the following sample data setup in my XAML: <vm:SoundModel.Animals> <vm:SoundGroup Title="Animals"> <vm:SoundGroup.Items> <vm:SoundData Title="Animal 1" FilePath="Animal1.wav" /> <vm:SoundData Title="Animal 2" FilePath="Animal2.wav" /> <vm:SoundData Title="Animal 3" FilePath="Animal3.wav" /> </vm:SoundGroup.Items> </vm:SoundGroup> </vm:SoundModel.Animals> And in my XAML I have the following: <Page.Resources> <DataTemplate x:Key="SoundTileDataTemplate"> <Grid...

Android - Compiles And Runs But Crashes

So I'm trying to write code which will spawn a red circle at a random spot on the screen every 5 seconds. I wrote the code which will just spawn a red circle without repeating it every 5 seconds and it works fine. Then, when I added code (commented out)...

c# Windows Phone cannot find json file

I'm trying to read data from json file in .NET 4.5 for Windows Phone app. After pressing button the exception appears saying: System.IO.FileNotFoundException (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002) My code: public static async Task ReadFile() { StorageFolder local = Windows.ApplicationModel.Package.Current.InstalledLocation; if (local != null) { var file = await local.OpenStreamForReadAsync("bazaDanych.json"); using...

Windows Phone page navigation does not work

I'm new in creating apps for Windows Phone. I've got problem with redirecting to another page. I've created blank page with HyperlinkButtonand in .cs file I wrote this: private void but_elf_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { this.Frame.Navigate(typeof(Elfy)); } In xaml: <HyperlinkButton x:Name="but_elf" Content="Elfy" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Margin="100,125,100,255" Grid.Row="1" VerticalAlignment="Center" Width="200" Height="70" /> When...

Stream.CopyTo(newStream) return Length 0

I try to make some concatenation of buffers which are saved in a memory streams. Then, when I'm trying to play the whole buffer it gives an exception: An exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in but was not handled in user code Additional information: Ensure that the buffer length...

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I have the following XAML code for Windows Phone 8.1 (non SilverLight): <Grid> <ToggleButton Name="TogBtn" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Checked="ToggleButton_OnChecked"> <SymbolIcon Symbol="play"></SymbolIcon> </ToggleButton> </Grid> The output of the above code is: How can I change the icon to a stop icon when the toggle button is checked and then back to play...

How to hide app bar button in different hub sections windows phone?

i am new to c#. as i move on subsection the app bars stays the same only on the 3rd subsection that one button is hidden. please help... HubPage.xaml <CommandBar x:Name="mybar" ClosedDisplayMode="Minimal" > <CommandBar.SecondaryCommands> <AppBarButton Label="setting" Click="AppBarButton_Click"/> </CommandBar.SecondaryCommands> <AppBarButton x:Uid="CALENDAR" Label="calendar" Click="AppBarButton_Click"> <AppBarButton.Icon> <SymbolIcon x:Name="btnCalendar" Symbol="Calendar"/> </AppBarButton.Icon>...

changing image background in button does not work

I want to toggle button's image on each click. My code looks like this: private void k1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { bk1 = !bk1; k1.Content = bk1.ToString(); var uriString = bk1 ? @"Assets/image1.png" : @"Assets/image2.png"; k1.Background = new ImageBrush { ImageSource = new BitmapImage(new Uri(uriString, UriKind.Relative)) }; } When I...

Control style of each individual ToggleButton in Windows Phone 8.1

I am building a Windows Phone 8.1 (non SilverLight) application. I want my ToggleButtons to look different when toggled, so I have the following code: <Page.Resources> <!-- Custom style for Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Primitives.ToggleButton --> <Style TargetType="ToggleButton"> <Setter Property="Background" Value="{ThemeResource ToggleButtonBackgroundThemeBrush}" /> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="{ThemeResource ToggleButtonForegroundThemeBrush}"/> <Setter Property="BorderBrush" Value="{ThemeResource...

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data binding property of a other control to a style while animating it

i'm trying to implement a tab style radio button. this style contains a textblock as a child of a grid which changes it's color when checked and the grid is a child of border element. i'm trying to bind the grid's background only when it is in checked state but...

Set content of particular Pivot Item

I wrote a Windows Phone 8.1 (WINPRT) App. It contains Pivot, in which pivot items are generated dynamically according to JSON. For example, when I open Clothing Category Page,>> Summer Wear,Winter Wear etc pivot items are generated dynamically. Now I am clicking the button to load more items in GridView...

BooleanToVisibilityConverter works on Textblock and not on UserControl

I'm working on a windows phone project. There is something i don't really understand about my xaml. Here it is: <Page x:Class="CitiBox.MainPage" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" xmlns:converters="using:CitiBox.Converters" xmlns:views="using:CitiBox.Views" mc:Ignorable="d" Background="{ThemeResource...

Slider progress bar with MediaElement Windows Phone 8.1

I am working within a Windows Phone 8.1 (non SilverLight) application. I have a MediaElement AudioPlayer that plays audio files. I also have a Slider AudioPlayerSeek that I want 'hooked' to the MediaElement, so that it moves as the audio is playing. I have gone through this tutorial word for...

Windows phone Store app Font size Issue

I have created windows phone 8.1 Store app. I have change setting: setting->ease of access->Text size to MAX Now if I launch my app all fonts are disturbed to too larger font sizes, which was not happening in earlier silverlight apps Is there any way to create app irrespective of...

WP8.1 Calendar look-alike

I'm searching for a WindowsPhone 8.1 Calendar look-alike. I don't want to store any data/appointments in it, I just want the monthly view as a date-picker control, as I do not like the normal date-picker. I came across WinRTXamlToolkit that does offer a calendar, but I don't like the style...

How to use existing camera app(not create one using MediaCapture) and take picture in windows phone 8.1(WinRT)?

I know how to implement a camera capture using a MediaCapture in windows phone 8.1. But the question is can't we just launch the existing camera app using a launchUriAsync() and get back the path of the file or the file itself in the form of an argument? Example: Like...

Stack with push and pop functions not working

This is the program. #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; struct stack { int inf; stack* link; } *start, *p; void push(stack*, stack*, int); void pop(stack*, stack*); int main() { int s = 0; string thing; cin >> thing; while (thing != "end") { if (thing == "push") { push(start, p,...

play audio periodically from a memory stream c#

I have some buffer containing samples of sinus which I want to be played from a memory stream periodically. Is there any efficient way to play it without having gaps in time? I try to make my own signal generator (I know that are some libraries providing that but I...

Can't create Windows Phone appx bundle from Cordova project

I need to create an appxbundle file for Windows Phone Store but unfortunately, the Visual Studio 2015 RC Cordova Tools build only appxupload with appx file. The Cordova version is 5.0.0. I've found two workarounds from this post. Unfortunately, none of them is working. The first one 1.) Another way...

iOS app crash on launch using XCode debugger, runs fine without debugger

When running the app on a device (iphone), it crashes at startup without any error messages. But if the device is not connected to xcode (not in debug mode), just open up the app, it runs fine. Same code runs perfect on simulator. Never seen this before, I guess something...

How to get the device orientation changed event under Windows Phone

With windows phone, is there an event I can register for when the device entered landscape mode? The reason why I am asking this is because we have a view with an input box. And when in landscape mode, the TextBox is partially blocked by the keyboard. So I am...

Image freeze when a continuation is called

I'm trying to test the continuation facility in Pharo, with this code(in the playground): | cont f | f:=[ |i| i:=0. Continuation currentDo: [ :cc | cont:=cc ]. i:=i+1. ]. f value. "1" cont. "a Continuation" However, as soon as I call the continuation saved in cont(replacing cont. by cont...

navigating between pages using radio buttons in winrt

i'm trying to navigate between pages while toggling the radio buttons like the tab control. i've tries a few ways.Here they are first the xaml <StackPanel> <RadioButton Content="navigateto1" Checked="RadioButton_Checked"/> <RadioButton Content="navigateto2" Checked="RadioButton_Checked_1"/> <Frame x:Name="contentframe"> </Frame> </StackPanel> then the code behind private void RadioButton_Checked( object sender, RoutedEventArgs e ) { var...

how do i get rows and columns dynamically in windows phone app?

In my application i need to design the seat layout arrangement in the form of rows and columns dynamically. Please any one suggest me how to get rows and columns and which view i need to use. this my xaml code <Grid x:Name="grid" Background="White"> <Button HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Foreground="Black" Margin="23,56,268,527">Text</Button> </Grid> this...

How to bind a textblock visibility to another textblock text property

<Grid Height="{Binding ElementName=oldPrice, Path=Height}"> <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Bottom" FontSize="{StaticResource TextStyleSmallFontSize}" RequestedTheme="Light" FontWeight="Bold" Foreground="#B0B0B0" Style="{StaticResource TitleTextBlockStyle}" TextWrapping="NoWrap"> <Run x:Name="oldPrice" Text="{Binding oldPrice}" /> </TextBlock> <Line Stretch="Fill" Stroke="#B0B0B0" StrokeThickness="1" X1="1" Width="{Binding ElementName=oldPrice, Path=Width}" Height="{Binding ElementName=oldPrice,...

Code executed after an error has occured

I have compiled and run the following C++ code with g++ version 4.8.2: vector<int> ivec{0,1,2}; int& iref = ivec[1]; for (int i=3;i<100;++i) ivec.push_back(i); iref = 10; cerr<<"After Error"<<'\n'; return 0; The program will crash as expected at line iref = 10;, because the reference is invalidated. But the string "After...

Windows Phone 8.1 WinJS Appbar disabled property not working

I'm trying to hide (disable) the appBar so it doesn't show on up a page in my app. However the disabled property doesn't seem to be working, or my syntax is off. I've tried using it like: <script> var disabled = appBar.disabled; appBar.disabled = disabled; </script> and <script> var disabled...

Back button closing app instead of going back on Windows Phone 8.1,xaml,windows-phone-8.1
I've created a simple Windows Phone 8.1 app in Visual Studio 2013 and added 2 Basic Pages, along with some code to navigate to the second screen when a button on the first screen is clicked. Going to the second screen works fine, but when the hardware Back button is...