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Is Double Math Consistent across Multiple Platforms?


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For my deterministic physics engine, I need to confirm that calculations with doubles in C# are consistent enough across multiple platforms. Does anyone know how much the following functions differ in results? On my computer as a Windows 32 bit application, these are the results (Note: Pseudo-code):

double x = 123.123;
x * 2 = 246.246
Math.Pow (x, 2) = 15159.273129
Math.Sqrt (x) = 11.0960803890383
Math.Sin (x) = -0.56537391969734

I still don't know if the same results will turn up on other platforms or other languages (I'm using C#). If there's any more information needed, I'll supply it as promptly as possible. Please, if there's anyone with the knowledge or time to help test the calculations on other platforms, help me get past this uncertainty.


The C# standard, ECMA-334, says in section 11.1.6 Floating point types "Floating-point operations can be performed with higher precision than the result type of the operation.".

Given that sort of rule, you cannot be sure of getting exactly the same answer everywhere. "can" means some implementations may use higher precision than others, for the same calculation.

Even if testing shows that all current implementations get the same answers for all your calculations across a range of inputs, the next compiler release on any platform might change that. If you really need identical results, you need to pick a library or similar that promises identical results.

Calculations vary in how sensitive they are to small changes in inputs. At the extreme are simulations of some physical systems such as weather, where tiny changes in inputs can expand to big changes in results.

One way to get a feeling for the behavior of your simulation is to deliberately perturb some values by e.g. one part in 1e15. Does that change the results enough to matter? However, there will always be a risk that some inputs will lead to less stable conditions than others.


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