jersey,ehcache,dropwizard , EHCache and DropWizard: Returning no response

EHCache and DropWizard: Returning no response


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I have successfully integrated SimplePageCachingFilter with DropWizard.

However, there is one thing standing in my way. Whenever an exception in my application is thrown, instead of being routed to my ExceptionMapper I get "Response contains no data" in my API Browser. I also happen to see this pass by in the log. WARN [2015-02-12 04:06:21,768] net.sf.ehcache.constructs.web.GenericResponseWrapper: Discarding message because this method is deprecated.

Traditionally my ExceptionMapper returns the appropriate Json Responses.

Has anyone else seen anything similar?


After attaching a debugger to DropWizard (per @CAB's advice) I discovered that the CachingFilter does not write out a response unless the status code is 200.

I extended CachingFilter and overrode the doFilter method and ignored the status check. This appears to have solved my problem.

protected void doFilter(final HttpServletRequest request,
                        final HttpServletResponse response, final FilterChain chain) throws Exception {
    if (response.isCommitted()) {
        throw new AlreadyCommittedException("Response already committed before doing buildPage.");
    PageInfo pageInfo = buildPageInfo(request, response, chain);

    writeResponse(request, response, pageInfo);


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