cloud , Google PerfKit tool: Where are the results of the benchmark run stored

Google PerfKit tool: Where are the results of the benchmark run stored


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I am trying to use the new google perkit tool. I followed the procedure in and trying to run the below command

..\GoogleCloud\Perfkit\PerfKitBenchmarker-0.10.0\perfkitbenchmarker\ --project=24Feb2015 --benchmarks=ping --machine_type=f1-micro > my.log

I see that my.log is empty. I tried a lot to run individual bencmark python files as well, but unable to see any results.

Can you please help on the below:- 1. Does perfkit itself create VMs on the google cloud and run the benchmark tests specified in --benchmark option above? When I ran the above command, I cudnt see any VM created on google cloud.

  1. Why are my benchmark results empty?

Also was curious about the below:

  1. At present only aws, google, azure cloud providers are supported. What does it take to support other cloud providers?

  2. Right now predefined benchmarks are run, is there a way to include custom benchmark tests also.

(I authenticated my google cloud account, deployed a sample aerospike app).

Thanks a lot! Sushma.

  1. Yes it fully provisions the system including creating VM's
  2. Are you running this from a Windows machine? If so are you running inside CYGWIN? See my output from your command below.
  3. We also support static machine (ie anything with an IP). Adding a new provider is not that difficult. We have plans for OpenStack. See the issues on
  4. Yes but it takes work to do the automation. Check out the benchmarks directory to see how it is done for various benchmarks today.

When I run on my LINUX machine I see the following: ./ --benchmarks=ping --machine_type=f1-micro > my.log 2015-03-16 11:19:23,848 INFO Verbose logging to: /tmp/perfkitbenchmarker/run_5653144d/pkb.log 2015-03-16 11:19:24,087 INFO Preparing benchmark ping 2015-03-16 11:19:24,088 INFO Running: gcloud compute disks create perfkit-5653144d-1 --size 10 --type pd-standard --project --format json --quiet --zone us-central1-a --image ubuntu-14-04 2015-03-16 11:19:24,088 INFO Running: gcloud compute disks create perfkit-5653144d-0 --size 10 --type pd-standard --project --format json --quiet --zone us-central1-a --image ubuntu-14-04 2015-03-16 11:19:35,170 INFO Running: gcloud compute disks describe perfkit-5653144d-1 --project --format json --quiet --zone us-central1-a ...


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