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I read on D's documentation that it's possible to format strings with arguments as print statements, such as the following:

float x = 100 / 3.0;
writefln("Number: %.*g", 2, x);

Number: 33.33

However, I'm wondering how I would do this if I just wanted the string equivalent, without printing it. I've looked at the std.format library but that seems way to messy for something I only need to use once. Is there anything a little bit more clear available?


Import std.string or std.format and use the format function.

import std.string;

void main()
    float x = 100 / 3.0;
    auto s = format("Number: %.*g", 4, x);
    assert(s == "Number: 33.33");


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Formatting a string in D

I read on D's documentation that it's possible to format strings with arguments as print statements, such as the following: float x = 100 / 3.0; writefln("Number: %.*g", 2, x); Number: 33.33 However, I'm wondering how I would do this if I just wanted the string equivalent, without printing it....

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