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Generate Cloud Endpoints file in IntelliJ IDEA


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In Eclipse there's an easy way to generate Endpoints file from a Java class(right click on class -> google -> generate endpoints file), but I cannot find this feature in IntelliJ. How should I do this?



The plugin that supports Cloud Endpoints generation is currently available only in Android Studio, but not in IntelliJ IDEA. If you're using IntelliJ IDEA, you need to use the command line endpoints tool to generate the endpoints file.


IntelliJ Plugin written in Scala - doesn't work

I want to develop my own IntelliJ plugin and I would like to do it using Scala language. When I use Java, everything work perfectly, but I'm not able to run a simple AnAction implemented in Scala. Have a look at these code samples, I have two AnAction implementations, one...

Best to use Android Studio or Intellij Idea wth plugins?

We have an existing java code base where we use intellij idea for development. We are building an android application where we will be sharing code and other resources with the pre-existing code and resource base. As Android Studio seems mainly to be a modified version of Intellij my question...

In Spark, does the filter function turn the data into tuples?

Just wondering does the filter turn the data into tuples? For example val filesLines = sc.textFile("file.txt") val split_lines =";")) val filteredData = split_lines.filter(x => x(4)=="Blue") //from here if we wanted to map the data would it be using tuple format ie. x._3 OR x(3) val blueRecords = =>...

Intellij14 and “Please Provide Missing Values dialog box”

I'm trying to run simple SQL scripts with type casting on a PostgreSQL db via IntelliJ 14. I have problem with type casting. E.g., consider the following trivial query: select '100'::INT; Everytime the following annoying panel appears: Clearly, the message "Please Provide Missing Values..." drives me crazy, since INT is...

Don't show class members in alphabetical order in intellij

I use Scala in Intellij, and on the project panel it would show the members of a class, but it is sorted in alphabetical order. How can I see it in natural order (the order in the source code)?

Play Framework 2.4 Compilation Error in IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.3

I'm trying to use WebJars with Play Framework 2.4.0, in Intellij IDEA 14.1.3. I have SBT 1.7.0 plugin and Scala 1.5.2 plugin (with project Scala version 2.11.6). My application works well when I run it from the terminal ($ activator run or $ sbt run) but I have compilation error...

How to conditionally check the state of an openstack instance

I am trying to conditionally check the state of an openstack cloud instance in my playbook. The playbook itself takes the name of a cloud instance as a parameter and then deletes it by setting the state to absent using nova compute. What I want to do is check if...

IntelliJ/Webstorm not finding import reference

I have the following project structure: root src scripts main.js foo.js Inside of my main.js file, I'm importing foo.js like so: import 'src/scripts/foo.js' When I click on the import statement above and go to Navigate -> Declaration I get a super helpful message that says Cannot find declaration to go....

Digi Device API reading Datastream / DIO / AD

I have XBee Gateway ZB, Wifi and I'm experimenting with the Digi Device API. I already tried the Heroku App and it works really good. So I wanted to access online the Datastream. Using Google Spreadsheet or something like this. So reading the documentation from digi. I could acces...

Install Ultimate edition IntelliJ plugins in Android Studio

I have Ultimate edition of IntelliJ Idea w/ a valid licence. There is a very useful plugin only available in full edition named Database Tools and SQL support that allows the developer to browse and run queries on sqlite database stored in phone. Now i need to use this plugin...

IntelliJ - use imported modules as dependencies like maven projects in Eclipse

I've been asking myself this question for a couple of years but never really found the solution. I used to work with eclipse (on maven java projects). I could import a project -let's call it 'proj-A'- and if one of proj-A's dependencies was found in the workspace with the same...

JavaFX: Artifact displays empty window only

Preface: I am pretty new to JavaFX Made an simple image resizing application and need to build an artifact of the application. Using IntelliJ and Eclipse (tried both), i built normal JAR artifacts and JavaFX artifacts. Both are executable, but only show an empty window. When starting the application out...

Create a hyperlink to a project file in console output

Is there a way for me to write out a link to the console output that when clicked on directs to a project file in Intellij? For example, this happens when a run-time exception occurs. I see the stack trace and I can click on a link in the console...

How can I debug scala.js unit tests?

I have some scala.js unit tests written in utest. They all run just fine from the sbt build, however I would like to be able to step through the unit tests in a debugger. Using my favorite IDE (intellij) to debug the tests won't work because it will try to...

Is it possible to highlight ObjC code in Intellij IDEA?

Intellij IDEA have IDE AppCode for iOS projects on ObjC/Swift. I am develop crossplatform app (android and ios supports) on Cordova which contain Java, JS and ObjC as base languages. And unforunately IDEA do not highlight ObjC code. I have not found a plugin that would it did. Is it...

Is it legal to use IntelliJ's EAP versions for commercial use? [closed]

From my understanding, the EAP version has the ultimate features included in it. I am curious whether this version can be used for commercial use. I have no been able to find a definite answer. Thanks....

viewing google app engine Python logging messages in CodeEnvy

I'm trying to move my GAE development to the cloud. So far Codeenvy has the richest toolset however I'm struggling with one small issue. when I use the python logging library I don't know where to view these messages! def post(self): self.response.write('Processing form data...') feedback = self.request.get('content') I assumed...

Running cloudfoundry sample app on local sandbox

This question may seem pretty naive but I've just started using cloud foundry. I installed the eclipse plugin & deployed a sample app. But everytime, while running the app in local or starting the server it is being pushed to the remote cloud server & running on a unique domain...

Unexpected top level exception: bad class file magic, in Android

I am trying to compile my android program via command line, using ANT. And the code compiles fine. But when the target -dex is executed, I get the following error: [dex] input: /Users/aditya/Desktop/workspace/Java/Play/bin/classes [dex] input: /Library/Java/Android/tools/support/annotations.jar [dex] Using Pre-Dexed annotations-5bd0afe28d834ceff67df1063f0f145b.jar <- /Library/Java/Android/tools/support/annotations.jar [dex] Converting compiled files and external libraries into...

ESLint: How to set .eslintrc to recognize 'require'?

I am new to ESLint, and I have successfully integrated ESLint with IntelliJ. Out of the box, my integration of ESLint did not recognize node, but basic review of documentation made clear that by creating the configuration file named .eslintrc at the root of my project folder (with the proper...

IntelliJ Sync Eclipse files - Where is this setting saved?

In IntelliJ there is the option of linking IntelliJ-files with Eclipse-files. So that changes to dependencies make IntelliJ readjust .project-files and the other way around. This setting is chosen when importing the project into IntelliJ. Now, i wonder: Where is this setting saved and is it possible that i can...

Java - duplicate case label

I found some time ago a function to replace polish characters in text with "normal" version of this character. I used this in some projects earlier without problems, but now, when i just copied it, this doesn't want to work. But when I try to compile old projects in the...

Intellij isn't catching non-exhaustive matches that use functions as guards

I found this block of code in our codebase: val appId: (String, Option[String]) = match { case Some(app) if hasAppId(app) => (Constants.AppId, case None => (Constants.AppId, None) } hasAppId returns a boolean. Clearly this match is non-exhaustive, but there's no compiler warning for it. If I change the...

Breakpoint “concurrency” in Intellij

Lets say I have a class that initiates two threads Thread_A and Thread_B, each doing some calculations and ocassionally using a subroutine of my the class. (don't worry about data sharing, lets say it's a log line or imagine the subroutine is a method in a Java library) I want...

Perforce workspaces and multiple branches

I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup Perforce workspaces when working with multiple branches for different parts of the code base. Let's say that my default workspace mapping is as follows: //depot/foo/trunk/... //my_client/trunk/foo/... //depot/foo1/trunk/... //my_client/trunk/foo1/... //depot/foo2/trunk/... //my_client/trunk/foo2/... And I need to work with both foo and foo1...

Idea 14 - Maven 3 - pass parameters

I am looking for most efficient way to pass parameters to maven through idea 14 (I have just started working with idea). When I want to compile and deploy my application through maven itself, I just run this command mvn clean package tomcat7:redeploy -P localhost -Daugage_env=local. I dont know, how...

How to keep IntelliJ IDEA from rearranging javadoc tags?

/** * Comment. * * <p>Hello * * @author me ([email protected]) * @version $Id$ * @since 0.1 * @checkstyle ClassDataAbstractionCoupling (500 lines) * @checkstyle ClassFanOutComplexity (500 lines) */ When I reformat my code with Ctrl+Alt+L, the @since is placed after the @checkstyle tags. Is there any way to disable javadoc...

Unable to run Java code with Intellij IDEA

I have just downloaded the IDE, and I want to edit my first Java file with it, I'm not interested in creating a whole project, just editing the single file. So I opened the file from my desktop with Intellij IDEA as I set it as my default program for...

IntelliJ IDEA - Syntax Highlighting of SQL Inside Java Code

I am using IntelliJ 13 as an IDE for a project where communication with DB is done via Spring's JDBC Template. When I have code fragments in Java like the following one: getJdbcTemplate().queryForObject("SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(255), NEWID())", String.class); where getJdbcTemplate() returns initialized JdbcTemplate object, the IDE has proper syntax highlighting for the...

How can IntelliJ refactor class constants to an external class?

I have a series of 30 or so private class constants declared and used in I want to refactor the declarations into public declarations in such that all occurrences of VARIABLE_NAME in are replaced with Constants.VARIABLE_NAME Tips appreciated on how to use this. I am using Android...

Visualizing gradle dependencies in Intellij

Is there a way to visualize project dependencies for a gradle project in Intellij? For a maven project, if you right click in the pom.xml you get a Show dependencies option but there I don't see such an option for a gradle project. Does this feature exist for gradle project?...

Installing CouchDB on IaaS?

After many many google searches I am still unclear on how to install a CouchDB instance on an Infrastructure as a Service cloud service. I have looked into DBaaS options such as Cloudant, but for initial testing I would like to host the database on an IaaS. Specifically, I am...

Intellij JAVA_HOME variable

I started using Gradle and Intellij but I am having problems to configure Gradle's JVM. When I start a new Gradle project I am not allowed to define JVM as my JAVA_HOME variable. The following screenshots show what is happening: As you can see Intellij says that my JAVA_HOME variable...

Add project on outer level as dependency to module

I have a project that looks something like this: mainProject/ mainModule proj1/ module1 proj2/ module2 and what I'm trying to do is add proj1 and proj2 as dependencies to mainProject. I've gotten it to the point where I can import classes from the projects and everything seems to work fine...

Android studio Gradle is not building the new Jar file

I just wanted to try the new android lib, so i just added the dependency like this in my new version of android studio. its not at all building the project only. Below is my gradle file, new lib added is compile '' `apply plugin: '' android { compileSdkVersion 22...

Code styling without modifying the binaries

On the WebStorm for example and I believe in any Intellij product. You can easily refeactor the code and style it as you like from the setting 'Code Style'. But, the styling and refactoring actually change the binaries of the file. for example if you decide you want new line...

Generate return type signature in Scala with Intellij Idea

While Scala has a type inference, it is considered good practice to explicitly define the return type of public functions. Is it possible to get IDEA add the explicit return type from the inferred one?

How to disable plugin suggestions in Intellij IDEA?

In Intellij IDEA how can I disable plugin suggestions? Whenever I create a yml plugin in a NEW project it will suggest a plugin to me that I have already ignored and is annoying.

Why main generation template is named psvm in IntelliJ?

According to help, main generation template is named psvm. Why didn't they name it just main?...

Intellij IDEA long processing for grails app with warning “too much output to process”

I new to Intellij for Grails app while run the app it execute lot of thing with the warning "Too much output to process" & takes comparatively more time to start the server. Below is the log screen ( at at$1.getObject( at...

How to generate comments as well when automatically generating getters and setters in Android Studio

I want to generate comments as well when automatically generating getters and setters Android Studio: /** * username */ private String name; public String getName() { return name; } I Want: /** * username */ private String name; /** * Get username * @return username */ public String getName() {...

When upload Bitmap stream to Azure storage, it store zero/empty image,azure,cloud
I am using below code to upload a MemoryStream from a bitmap image to my Microsoft azure storage account: MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(); img.Save(memoryStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png); blob.Properties.ContentType = model.File.ContentType; blob.UploadFromStream(memoryStream); What happen by use above code is it uploads an empty image to Azure storage :( !(I found the name...

IntelliJ IDEA: Open test result tab only on failure

Can I setup IntelliJ to open the "Run" tab with the test results only if a unit test fails and keep it hidden otherwise?

spring boot switching from in-memory database to persistent database

I have developed my web-application using spring-boot and spring-data-jpa and and in-memory database, and I have a couple questions: how can i now switch to a persistent, let's say, MySQL database? What do I have to change in my configuration? Can spring-boot set a database up for me with a...

IntelliJ correctly using Libraries

I'm using IntelliJ without a build tool for a project, I build it as a jar. Now I'm using the iText library for PDF(s), if I put all the iText jars into a folder and add it in IntelliJ, I can use the iText functions and if the program works,...

NullPointerException URLImageSource.getConnection(URLImageSource

i'm programming a project in IntelliJ IDEA on my Mac OSX. Everything works just fine when i run the code or when i export the jar and run it. But when i switch to windows, i get an error saying this: java.lang.NullPointerException at sun.awt.image.URLImageSource.getConnection( at sun.awt.image.URLImageSource.getDecoder( at sun.awt.image.InputStreamImageSource.doFetch( at sun.awt.image.ImageFetcher.fetchloop(

Creating a scalable database for android app | cloud hosted

I am working to launch an app which in future will store huge number of users and there profile information. But I Wanted to start small to pre-test my app idea , so what will be the options for hosting database which are cost effective initially and scalable in future...

Intellij web application on tomcat server shows http://localhost:8080/index.jsp instead of http://localhost:8080/myapp/index.jsp

I'm following a tutorial on udemy. In the tutorial he is using eclipse. But i'm following the course with intellij. Every thing works fine but one thing i keep noticing is that when he runs the servlets or jsp pages it is always shows the project name before the servlet(http://localhost:8080/myapp/index.jsp)....

Why Intellij deletes obsolete files when trying to run DevMode?

I'm currently working on a GWT project in my company. Although DevMode works perfectly fine in eclipse, I still want to use Intellij Ultimate Edition for development. But after all setups were done (Facet, Run/Debug configuration) I'm getting this weird processing window saying "Deleting Obsolete Files..." when I run the...

Why IDEA shows java files as invalid in my Android project?

I am trying to build apk from this repository. I have problem: idea show .java files as invalid, you can see it on this pic: What am I doing? I download mentioned (git) sources and copy sources to some directory I open this directory from IDEA as directory In project...