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TypeScript: Lambdas and using 'this'


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JavaScript frameworks often call callbacks using apply().

TypeScript's arrow notation, however, doesn't seem to allow me to access the 'this' pointer.

How's it done?

If it isn't, is there a place to down-vote the current 'this' handling on Lambdas?


TypeScript's handling of this in arrow functions is in line with ES6 (Read: Arrow Functions). Due to that specification, it would be inconsistent for it to act any other way.

If you want to access this of the current function, then you can use a regular function.

For example, change:

function myScope() {
    var f = () => console.log(this); // |this| is the instance of myScope{});

new myScope();


function myScope() {
    var f = function() { console.log(this); } // |this| is {}{});

new myScope();


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