gulp,browser-cache,browserify,react-jsx , Using Browserify with a revision manifest in Gulp, getting “Error: write after end”

Using Browserify with a revision manifest in Gulp, getting “Error: write after end”


Tag: gulp,browser-cache,browserify,react-jsx

I'm trying to compile a React app, append a hash to the output filename and produce a revision manifest, so that I can tell the browser to cache it forever. The problem is that the dozen or so tools involved don't all work together perfectly, at least as far as I can figure out by trying to assimilate all of their readmes and juggle .pipe calls.

Gulpfile: gist

Gulp task:

gulp.task( 'compile:js', function() {
    var browserifyTransform = transform( function( filename ) {
        return browserify( filename )
            .transform( reactify )

    return gulp.src( 'src/index.js' )
        .pipe( browserifyTransform )
        .pipe( sourcemaps.init({ loadMaps: true }))
        .pipe( uglify() )
        .pipe( rev() )
        .pipe( gulp.dest( 'static/dist' ));

update Simplified version, same error:

gulp.task( 'compile:js', function() {
    var browserifyTransform = transform( function( filename ) {
        return browserify( filename )
            .transform( reactify )

    return gulp.src( 'src/index.js' )
        .pipe( browserifyTransform )
        .pipe( gulp.dest( 'static/dist' ));

Error stack:

[15:55:04] Using gulpfile ~/Projects/pixsplodr/gulpfile.js
[15:55:04] Starting 'compile:js'...

Error: write after end
    at writeAfterEnd (/home/dan/Projects/pixsplodr/node_modules/browserify/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:161:12)
    at Labeled.Writable.write (/home/dan/Projects/pixsplodr/node_modules/browserify/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:208:5)
    at write (_stream_readable.js:601:24)
    at flow (_stream_readable.js:610:7)
    at _stream_readable.js:578:7
    at process._tickCallback (node.js:419:13)


Well, I have solution that satisfies my requirements, but it isn't perfect.

  1. Let Browserify start the stream from a file name, instead of using gulp.src
  2. Use vinyl-source-stream to transform Browserify's Node stream to a Gulp stream, before passing the data on to other gulp plugins

I am also using gulp-rev to append a hash to generated filenames, and to create a manifest that maps them to their original filename.

I was having trouble with source maps earlier too, but I have found that using Browserify transforms and settings seems to work better than using Gulp plugins on Browserify's output. That might be entirely due to user error, but I have been seeing so many conflicting Browserify / Gulp examples and minimal examples that I was unable to extend in an intuitive way, that I am just glad to have a working build with all of the features that I wanted.

var gulp = require( 'gulp' );
var gutil = require( 'gulp-util' );
var watchify = require( 'watchify' );
var browserify = require( 'browserify' );
var source = require( 'vinyl-source-stream' );
var buffer = require( 'vinyl-buffer' );
var sass = require( 'gulp-sass' );
var _ = require( 'lodash' );
var rev = require( 'gulp-rev' );

// Dev build
gulp.task( 'watch', [ 'sass' ], function() { 'node_modules/quiz/style/**/*.scss', [ 'sass' ]);
    builder( './src/app/index.js', true ).bundle( './dist/static', 'quiz-app.min.js' );

// Production build
gulp.task( 'build', [ 'sass' ], function() {
    builder( './src/app/index.js', false ).bundle( './dist/static', 'quiz-app.min.js' );

// snip //

function builder( entry, isDev ) {
    var bundler;

    if( isDev ) {
        bundler = watchify( browserify(
            _.extend( watchify.args, { debug: true })
    } else {
        bundler = browserify(

    bundler.transform( 'reactify' );
    bundler.transform( 'es6ify' );
    bundler.transform({ global: true }, 'uglifyify' );

    bundler.on( 'log', gutil.log ); // Help bundler log to the terminal

    function bundle( dest, filename ) {
        return bundler.bundle()
        .on( 'error', gutil.log.bind( gutil, 'Browserify error' )) // Log errors during build
        .pipe( source( filename ))
        .pipe( buffer() )
        .pipe( rev() )
        .pipe( gulp.dest( dest ))
        .pipe( rev.manifest() )
        .pipe( gulp.dest( dest ));

    return { bundle: bundle };

I also tried just using the tools from NPM scripts, but I was unable to find a good way to do incremental builds while watching a set of files.


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