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How to create a directory on my cloudfoudry account?


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I deploy to cloudfoundry an application which need a directory for lucene. This application failed to start because there is not the configured directory. I search on Cloundfoundry forums but i did not found how to create a directory on my server on CloudFoundry. If someone have a documentation or already did it, it will help me. Thanks


Yeah you shouldn't be creating directories inside your app. Cloud Foundry works incredibly well with 12 factor apps ( One of the factors is not using local storage but use an external provider. I would highly suggest using a third party to do your Lucene work.

Cloudant provides Lucene indexes to users. Also Cloudant has a pretty big free tier.


Hibernate Search not indexing items from database

I'm trying to integrate Hibernate Search in my application. Rough summary of what needs to be done: Spring Batch reads out an XML file and persists the objects to database. This is done with de JDBCBatchItemWriter. Not the HibernateItemWriter because of slow performance. After all items are inserted I would...

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I am using below code to upload a MemoryStream from a bitmap image to my Microsoft azure storage account: MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(); img.Save(memoryStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Png); blob.Properties.ContentType = model.File.ContentType; blob.UploadFromStream(memoryStream); What happen by use above code is it uploads an empty image to Azure storage :( !(I found the name...

Understanding Apache Lucene's scoring algorithm

I'm working with Hibernate Search for months now, but still I'm not able to digest the relevance it brings. I'm overall satisfied with the results it returns, but even simplest test does not satisfy my expectation. First test was using the term frequency(tf). Data: word word word word word word...

In Spark, does the filter function turn the data into tuples?

Just wondering does the filter turn the data into tuples? For example val filesLines = sc.textFile("file.txt") val split_lines =";")) val filteredData = split_lines.filter(x => x(4)=="Blue") //from here if we wanted to map the data would it be using tuple format ie. x._3 OR x(3) val blueRecords = =>...

Liferay 6.2 clustering issue with multicast

I am trying to cluster ehcache and lucene with Liferay 6.2 EE sp2 bundle on 2 servers with mutlicast enabled. WE have Apache HTTPD servers fronting tomcat servers using reverse proxy. A valid 6.2 license is deployed on both the nodes. We user the following properties in the

How to combine neo4j and elasticsearch

I am developing a Question answering application and for that I need to use neo4j and elasticsearch in the same maven project. I am using elasticsearch to make my application more robust. As we know that neo4j and elasticsearch works on different version of lucene, so whichever version I include...

Matching && and || special character

I am writing a Lucene application to match && (double ampersand) and || (OR or double pipe). I want to write a regex to match any presence of && and || in the input text. If I write something like below, it only matches for the presence or absence of...

Do 'reduce' with results from Cloudant search?

In Cloudant is it possible to do something like a reduce on a set of results from a search index (as opposed to a view)? In my case, I'd like to find all documents that have a title value that includes 'foo', then for each of these sum the total...

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Is there a possibility to log in on to Google Accountt with php? Until 26th of May I was using to verify account. Now this method is disabled. What Im trying to do is to connect Google Printer Cloud to print orders in resaturant. Client makes order on website...

Search for nodes in Neo4j with schema index

I have a graph that has only Schema indexes and not legacy indexes as Neo4j documentation recommends. I want to search for nodes like in this example described under the legacy indexing section (exact match, start queries etc). I am wondering if this is possible with schema indexes and if...

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This is probably an easy problem but basically I have a dataset where I am to count the number of females for each country. Ultimately I want to group each count by the country but I am unsure of what to use for the value since there is not a...

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After many many google searches I am still unclear on how to install a CouchDB instance on an Infrastructure as a Service cloud service. I have looked into DBaaS options such as Cloudant, but for initial testing I would like to host the database on an IaaS. Specifically, I am...

Lucene get all non deleted document from index file

I am trying to get all documents from Lucene Index (which is already not deleted ). I heard that if I delete something from Lucene Index, Lucene will not delete immediately from file. So I wanted to get the documents from Index file which is not deleted....

Did google change/update related to vm ssl connections to Cloud SQL?

Google Cloud SQL down? At 1am ET my VM connection to Cloud SQL over SSL decided to stop connecting and will not allow a connection. Did google make changes/updates? Has been working fine for months, no changes, then all of a sudden this morning at 1am ET BAM! Won't connect...

Fuzzy search not working with dismax query parser

There is a field in my schema 'fullText' which is of the 'text_en' type, and multivalued. The term 'tests' is in the fullText field in one document. In solr, when I try to search using the word 'test', with the standard lucene parser with minimal distance 1, its returning the...

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I have XBee Gateway ZB, Wifi and I'm experimenting with the Digi Device API. I already tried the Heroku App and it works really good. So I wanted to access online the Datastream. Using Google Spreadsheet or something like this. So reading the documentation from digi. I could acces...

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I have a standalone Solr instance with 4 different cores working fine using the embedded Jetty server. I configured the cores for v4.10.3 but since I moved to v5.1 and all seems to work fine without any changes. Before going into production, I need to set it up as a...

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I don't know if this is possible, but I would like to save some data of my website, like images and documents in a cloud like dropbox or google drive and I want that these data are available and visible to someone looking my site. is it possible? (My intention...

How to check if document exists in lucene index?

I have an index of news articles, where i save title,link,description of news.. sometimes its possible that same news from same link is published with different titles by different news sources. it don't want exactly same description articles to be added to find if document already exists?

How to combine a search phrase with a wildcard using Lucene.Net?

I am passing a search query to the Lucene QueryParser.Parse(string query) method, and then passing the result to Searcher.Search(Query query, int n). A string of: "system cleaner" returns 1 hit. A string of: "system clean*" or: "system clean\*" returns 0 hits. How can I provide a search query that uses...

Combining regex of characters and Strings in JAVA

I have a set of special characters, for ex. like ?. ^,! etc and also special string like && and | |, using these special characters and strings I have to write a regex that will escape all these special characters and string. Output must be something like this: \^\!\?\&\&\|\|....

Fast indexing using multiple ES nodes?

All I read and understand about running multiple ES nodes is to enable index replication and scaling. I was wondering if it could help us to make indexing faster for large number of files. I have two questions and they are as follows: Question 1: Would it be accurate to...

Lucene how to index in Database (Cassandra)

I am just experimenting with Lucene and want to indexing objects in Database(Cassandra) as a table. But, I didnt realized out, how the indexing does work on Cassandra. Especially searching... When i take a simple Example Indexing in Lucene: Document doc = new Document(); doc.add(new TextField("id", "Hotel-1345", Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("description",...

How to use all the cores of Solr in solrj

I have downloaded solr 5.2.0 and have started using $solr_home/bin/solr start The Logs stated: Waiting to see Solr listening on port 8983 [/] Started Solr server on port 8983 (pid=17330). Happy searching! Then I visited http://localhost:8983/solr and created a new core using Core Admin / new Core as Core1 (...

viewing google app engine Python logging messages in CodeEnvy

I'm trying to move my GAE development to the cloud. So far Codeenvy has the richest toolset however I'm struggling with one small issue. when I use the python logging library I don't know where to view these messages! def post(self): self.response.write('Processing form data...') feedback = self.request.get('content') I assumed...

Creating a scalable database for android app | cloud hosted

I am working to launch an app which in future will store huge number of users and there profile information. But I Wanted to start small to pre-test my app idea , so what will be the options for hosting database which are cost effective initially and scalable in future...

Lucene Analyzer tokenizer for substring search

I need a Lucene Tokenizer that can do the following. Given the string "wines bottle caps", the following queries should succeed wine bott cap ottl aps wine bottl Here is what I have so far. How might I modify it to work? No query less than three characters should work....

Elasticsearch boost per field with function score

I have a query with different query data for different fields and ORed results. I also want to favor hits with certain fields. Ideally this would only increase ranking but would not cause results that did not contain some of the terms in the other fields. This would skew results...

Searching a TextField and IntField together seperated by an AND condition In Lucene

I have indexed my documents as: doc.add(new IntField("ID", id, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("First_Name", First_Name, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("Last_Name", Last_Name, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("Address", add, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("City", city, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new TextField("State", state, Field.Store.YES)); doc.add(new IntField("Zip_Code", zip, Field.Store.YES)); Where id, FirstName, city, add, state, zip are variables that store the values to be indexed....

Solr custom UpdateRequestProcessorFactory fails with “Error Instantiating UpdateRequestProcessorFactory”

I have a custom class extending UpdateRequestProcessorFactory doing some work on a document when it gets added to the index. This was working fine in v4.10.3 in standalone Solr. I moved to SolrCloud v5.2 and it throws this error when adding the Collection (node): ERROR - 2015-06-14 12:25:11.071; [ docs_shard1_replica1]...

Running cloudfoundry sample app on local sandbox

This question may seem pretty naive but I've just started using cloud foundry. I installed the eclipse plugin & deployed a sample app. But everytime, while running the app in local or starting the server it is being pushed to the remote cloud server & running on a unique domain...

Lucene doesn't search number fields

I'm trying to index and then search integer field with lucene. But it doesn't find anything (Text fields search well). Document doc = new Document(); //UserType = 1 doc.add(new IntField("userType", user.getType().getId(), Field.Store.YES)); FSDirectory dir =; IndexWriterConfig config = new IndexWriterConfig(new StandardAnalyzer()); writer = new IndexWriter(dir, config); writer.addDocument(doc); For search...

Lucene vs Solr, indexning speed for sampe data

I have worked upon Lucene before and now moving towards Solr. The problem is that I am not able to do Indexing on Solr as fast as Lucene can do. My Lucene Code: public class LuceneIndexer { public static void main(String[] args) { String indexDir = "/home/demo/indexes/index1/"; IndexWriterConfig indexWriterConfig =...

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I am trying to find the region of an Office 365 service. Microsoft's Office 365 documentation states that the data storage regions are disclosed to the customer. Is it possible to find a service's region via an API request? I've been looking through documentation on the Service Communications API, the...

Elasticsearch filter only if no matches to first filter

My use case is for searching UK addresses where there is a well defined postal code system however my users may still make mistakes in the postcode. I want to use a filter as in most cases the user will get the postcode right and I do not want to...

GoogleCloudMessaging - InstanceID.getInstance(), registering from client

I'm pretty new to programming in Java and generally programming. Right now I decided to make my own app that is supposed to utilize Google Cloud Messaging. And somehow I succeeded but then I realized I used method String regid = gcm.register(PROJECT_NUMBER); that is deprecated and I should now use...

How can I query lucene based on a lucene search result?

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve: I have multiple lucene indices, each containing a subset of the same data structure (they have the same fields, but the fields may or may not be present in a document in a certain index) There is a global identifier that is shared...

Linkage Error in Tomcat when 2 webapp instances load lucene classes

I'm running a tomcat 8 container with 2 different webapps, 1 prod and 1 sandbox. All the classes/libs and compilation is the same with just some minor differences in the config parameters. I'm using lucene core 4.10.4 (via hibernate search). Both apps startup just fine, now after startup if I...

How to wisely combine shingles and edgeNgram to provide flexible full text search?

We have an OData-compliant API that delegates some of its full text search needs to an Elasticsearch cluster. Since OData expressions can get quite complex, we decided to simply translate them into their equivalent Lucene query syntax and feed it into a query_string query. We do support some text-related OData...

Recycling app pool each time something is published

I'm working on an Umbraco site where I have custom sections, and therefore use the application.config and trees.config files. I have a problem where every time I publish something, the app pool recycles with the following message: w3wp.exe Information: 0 : _shutDownMessage=CONFIG change HostingEnvironment initiated shutdown CONFIG change HostingEnvironment caused...

Scripted Fields for if/else condition in Kibana 4

I have some numeric fields in elasticsearch, I have to implement some logic for which I need to create some scripted fields. I am new to kibana 4's scripted fields feature, so I need some help regarding a basic format that could be used for writing a basic if else...

Special Characters that can't be indexed using lucene

Can some one tell me which are the special characters that cannot be indexed using Apache lucene ?

What does (extra requests) mean in services?,notifications,push-notification,cloud,push
In Parse's pricing FAQ it is mentioned that "If your app hits its request limit, your extra requests will begin to fail with error code 155 (RequestLimitExceeded)". What does (extra requests) mean? Are they the requests made within the same minute? day? month? or all other requests made until the...

Pylucene 4.9.0 Ubuntu 14.04 Installation ImportError

I've been trying to install Pylucene on my Mac for a little over a week, and have given up on that in favor of trying to install it with Ubuntu through a virtual machine. I thought the installation process had gone well, so I fired up Python in the terminal... To Do web app deployment issue

Apologies for basic question. I am very new in web development . I have download javascript web To Do App from . Now I want to deploy with So that I can browse this app using But when try to deploy using "parse deploy" command getting...

Using FrenchAnalyzer with Neo4J

I am trying to use the Lucene FrenchAnalyzer with Neo4J: final GraphDatabaseService graphDatabaseService = new GraphDatabaseFactory().newEmbeddedDatabase("..."); final IndexManager index = graphDatabaseService.index(); final Index<Node> frenchIndex = index.forNodes("Entry", stringMap(IndexManager.PROVIDER, "lucene", "type", "fulltext", "to_lower_case", "true", "analyzer","" )); but this throws java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:...

How to conditionally check the state of an openstack instance

I am trying to conditionally check the state of an openstack cloud instance in my playbook. The playbook itself takes the name of a cloud instance as a parameter and then deletes it by setting the state to absent using nova compute. What I want to do is check if...

LUCENE_40 cannot be resolved or is not a field

StandardAnalyzer analyzer = new StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_40); I am runing lucene search code and I am getting an error in above line saying LUCENE_40 cannot be resolved or is not a field I am using lucene 5.1.0 version. I have removed the version.LUCENE_40 from the standard analyzer parameters, so now there's no...

solrException. XML parser doesn't support XInclude option

After configuring solr4.7.2 with tomcat 7, got the error in solrAdmin page stating SolrCore Initialization Failures fran92:org.apache.solr.common.SolrException:org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: XML parser doesn't support XInclude option My solr.xml file contains one core <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <solr persistent="true"> <cores host="${host:}" adminPath="/admin/cores" hostContext="${hostContext:solr}"> <core config="solrconfig.xml" name="fran92" instanceDir="generic" schema="schema.xml"...

How to add multiple suggesters definition in solr search components

I am using solr 5.1. I am trying to configure multiple suggester definition in Solr search component according to Apache solr wiki. I have configured single suggester perfectly and it works perfect but whenever I try to configure multiple suggester it gives me following errors java.lang.NullPointerException at org.apache.solr.handler.component.SearchHandler.handleRequestBody( at org.apache.solr.handler.RequestHandlerBase.handleRequest(