terminology , Is it OK to call a programming language a software? [closed]

Is it OK to call a programming language a software? [closed]


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Can I call Java or 'C' a software? For example, is the following statement correct: 'Python is a software'.


I would say that what translates what you wrote in a certain programming language into binary code is a software. So your Java or C compiler is a software, the languages Java or C are just "words" and syntax.


Array dimension terminology

When talking about an n-dimensional array in C#, are the dimensions left to right, or right to left? That is: new int[0,1,2,3,4] or new int[4,3,2,1,0] For clarification, I'm talking about how you would describe each index, not how to access arrays....

Why is a static method considered a method?

I am writing an explanation for some code for a course, and have been accidentally using the words method and function interchangeably. I decided to go back over and fix the wording, but ran into a hole in my understanding. From what I understand, a subroutine is a function if...

Why is it called Overlapped I/O?

All I can find is tutorials on how to use Overlapped I/O, but I can't find why is it called like that. Is it because for example I can read something from a socket, and then read something else before necessarily the first read returns the bytes read?...

Synchronous and asynchronous terminology when talking about sockets

I do not fully understand what does it mean when they say something like: "asynchronous read and write operations" or "synchronous read and write operations". I will give examples to demonstrate my understanding of the terminology and correct if I am wrong: Read and write on a socket in a...

Is it OK to call a programming language a software? [closed]

Can I call Java or 'C' a software? For example, is the following statement correct: 'Python is a software'.

What does “canonical order” mean with respect to CSS properties?

MDN's pages about CSS properties (example) and some of the CSSWG's specifications (example) make reference to the "canonical order" of the property. For example, MDN says the canonical order of display is: the unique non-ambiguous order defined by the formal grammar and the CSSWG's flexbox spec says the canonical order...

Is there an official name for the + and - symbols before ObjC method declarations?

Do the + or - symbols at the beginning of a method's declaration -- for class and instance methods respectively -- have a name? By name I mean something like "method descriptor" or "method type indicator", or something similar....

What is the shorter verb for “establishing a many-to-many relationship”?

When we establish a one-to-one or many-to-one relationship, we can call it mapping. For example, we map a spouse to his/her spouse or each child to its parent. But what would be the verb singifying an establishment of a many-to-many relationship, underlining that it is not a 1+ to 1...

Memorative art of Streams

I'm trying to understand Streams. How comparable is a stream (computer science) with a stream (water). This is how I picture them in my mind: Now, I was wondering whether this thought is correct. If it's not a correct way, why isn't this a correct way?...

What is a “foreign application” in Android? [closed]

At http://developer.android.com/guide/components/intents-filters.html I read: A PendingIntent object is a wrapper around an Intent object. The primary purpose of a PendingIntent is to grant permission to a foreign application to use the contained Intent as if it were executed from your app's own process. I might make some guesses, but what...

Meaning of decoupling representation from interface (c++)

I'm reading chapter 2 of programming in c++ by Stroustrup. When he makes the transition from concrete types to abstract types he mentions the concrete is not coupled to the representation. So if the class Stacks changes in a significant way the user has to recompile. But I don't see...

Terminology: what is the precise definition of “type expression” in Haskell, as used in Thompson's book?

What is the precise definition of the term "type expression" as used in Thompson's "Haskell - the craft of functional programming" book ? It seems that this term is not defined in the book. It is for example not listed in the index. Also, I tried to search for a...

what does it mean by upstream projects in JBOSS?

JBOSS developer site lists several projects as upstream projects. There are more than 90 projects and it does not look like JBOSS created them(Camel,Cxf,tomcat etc....) what does this term mean?...

What word or phrase means the opposite of “white space”?

I'm currently writing some C# extension methods dealing with string parsing, and I like to be terse yet descriptive and accurate in my method names. Question: Is there a good word or phrase that describes the opposite of white space? To be clear, this set of characters are visible and...

Understanding Concepts

I am supposed to be writing a java program for a rock paper scissors game. I understand what I am supposed to do however this part confused me. The implementation involves creating three files. One file contains the client code and the other two files are the classes. The design...