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DAX for MAX of a group


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I have two data columns:

Record | Record Version
1      | 1
1      | 2
1      | 3
2      | 1
2      | 2
2      | 3
2      | 4
3      | 1
3      | 2
3      | 3
4      | 1
4      | 2
4      | 3
4      | 4
4      | 5
4      | 6
5      | 1
6      | 1

Is it possible to create a calculated column within a MVS-2012 model or PowerPivot that will give the MAX of the Record Version for a corresponding Record? For example the MAX value of Record 1 is 3, MAX value of Record 2 is 4 etc.


Generally, as @mmarie suggests, you are better dealing with this kind of problem with a measure rather than a calculated column. That said, sometimes you just need that extra column (usually to use as a dimension).

Assuming you have a table called recordsFact, this gives the MAX of that record:

= CALCULATE(MAX(recordsFact[Record Version]), 
             FILTER(recordsFact, recordsFact[Record] = EARLIER(recordsFact[Record])


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