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customize error message for required field with in liferay


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I'm trying to validate a required Select option with aui.

for input fields the code below works without any issue :

<aui:input name="name" value="${name}" label="name">
     <aui:validator name="required" errorMessage="your-message-here"></aui:validator>

But with Select option field, I cannot customise the required error message :

for example :

<aui:select required="true" label="field.label" id="id" name="name" useNamespace="false">
    <aui:option value="" label="first.option" selected="option1"/>
    <aui:option value="" label="second.option" selected="option2"/>
    <aui:option value="" label="third.option" selected="option3"/>


My Question is : How can I customize the error message for required field in <aui:Select>

Thanks .


You can validate an aui:select with custom message as following (Tested Code):


<aui:form method="post" name="fm">  
    <aui:select name="sampleDropdown" label="">
        <aui:option selected="true" value="">Select an Option</aui:option>
        <aui:option value="1">Option 1</aui:option>
        <aui:option value="2">Option 2</aui:option>
        <aui:option value="3">Option 3</aui:option>

    <aui:button value="Save" type="submit"></aui:button>    


AUI().ready('alloy-node', 'aui-form-validator', function(A) {
    var formValidator = new A.FormValidator({
        boundingBox: document.<portlet:namespace />fm,
        rules: {
            <portlet:namespace />sampleDropdown: {
                required: true
        fieldStrings: {
            <portlet:namespace />sampleDropdown: {
                required: 'Hey, can\'t leave this unselected.'
        on: {
            validateField: function(event) {},
            validField: function(event) {},
            errorField: function(event) {},
            submitError: function(event) {
                var errors = event.validator.errors;
            submit: function(event) {
                return false;

Might this snippet be helpful for you.


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