capybara,phantomjs,poltergeist , How do I use phantomjs uploadFile with Capybara and poltergeist?

How do I use phantomjs uploadFile with Capybara and poltergeist?


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I am trying to attach a file in my spec, but the capybara attach_file method does not work for me in poltergeist (it returns true but nothing gets attached). It does work in Selenium, but for other reasons I want to use poltergeist. I know that the phantomjs uploadFile method ( simulates a user interacting with the file dialog which is what I think I need to do. I cannot figure out how to use it though in my Capybara spec.

I am trying to use

def drop_files(files, css_selector)
  js_script = 'fileList = Array(); '
  files.count.times do |index|
    # Generate a fake input selector
    page.execute_script("if ($('#seleniumUpload#{index}').length == 0) { " \
                        "seleniumUpload#{index} = window.$('<input/>')" \
                        ".attr({id: 'seleniumUpload#{index}', type:'file'})" \
                        ".appendTo('body'); }")

    # Attach file to the fake input selector through Capybara
    attach_file("seleniumUpload#{index}", files[index], visible: false)
    # Build up the fake js event
    js_script << "fileList.push(seleniumUpload#{index}.get(0).files[0]); "

  js_script << "e = $.Event('drop'); "
  js_script << "e.dataTransfer = { files : fileList }; "
  js_script << "$('#{css_selector}').trigger(e);"

  # Trigger the fake drop event

which comes from and works in selenium. The user that posted that says he has it working in poltergeist though.


It turns out file uploading is currently broken on Phantomjs 2.0. I downgraded v1.9.8 and attach_file works now.


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