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I found a great tutorial for building a nicer (dynamic) multibox, without extensions.

I was able to use it, and I really love it. However, I have an issue: if I use a multibox with a master detail table, then if I filter it from detail then master will automatically selected. The below example shows a normal multibox at the top, and dynamic/pivot multibox at the bottom:

enter image description here

How I can achieve this with my dynamic multibox?

For the label, I use:

=if(IsNull(GetFieldSelections(master)) = -1, 'Master',GetFieldSelections(master))

with this, I can set 'Master' as the label.

I can see data has seen filtered but I didn't find a function to get data that has been filtered to set it in the label, maybe someone here can give me an advice to solve this.


The GetFieldSelections() will only give you the list of explicitly selected items. By selecting items in the detail, you're only selecting from the master implicitly.

Try using Concat() instead. This will give you the list of possible values for a field that isn't being directly selected upon.

Your next big headache will be how to determine when to show 'Master' or not. One possible method is to compare the full list of possible values in Master to the possible list. In the example below, I do this by comparing the possible count of master count(master) with the full list of possible values in master count({1}master).

Combining these, one solution could be:

=if(count(master)=count({1}master),'Master',Concat(master,', '))


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