enterprise-architect , transform reverse engineered physical data model into conceptual entity relationship diagram

transform reverse engineered physical data model into conceptual entity relationship diagram


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I have reverse engineered a physical data model from an existing db using enterprise architect. It looks similar to this, which IMHO is an erm too:

enter image description here

Can I transform this into an erm like this?:

enter image description here



Not automatically. You are trying an abstraction from physics. Only a human can do that. So you need to do that manually. The reverse however is possible via a transformation. In that case you take an abstract class model and transform it into one (or many) physical representations.


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transform reverse engineered physical data model into conceptual entity relationship diagram

I have reverse engineered a physical data model from an existing db using enterprise architect. It looks similar to this, which IMHO is an erm too: Can I transform this into an erm like this?: Thanks!...

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