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Handling of Thumbnails in Google Drive Android API (GDAA)


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I've run into the following problem when porting an app from REST API to GDAA.
The app needs to download some of (thousands of) JPEG images based on user selection. The way this is solved in the app is by downloading a thumbnail version first, using this construct of the REST API:

  private static InputStream getCont(String rsid, boolean bBig){
    InputStream is = null;
    if (rsid != null) try {
      File gFl = bBig ?
      mGOOSvc.files().get(rsid).setFields("downloadUrl"  ).execute():
      if (gFl != null){
        GenericUrl url = new GenericUrl(bBig ?  gFl.getDownloadUrl() : gFl.getThumbnailLink());
        is = mGOOSvc.getRequestFactory().buildGetRequest(url).execute().getContent();
    } catch (UserRecoverableAuthIOException uraEx) {
    } catch (GoogleAuthIOException gauEx) {}
    catch (Exception e) { }
    return is;

It allows to get either a 'thumbnail' or 'full-blown' version of an image based on the bBig flag. User can select a thumbnail from a list and the full-blown image download follows (all of this supported by disk-base LRU cache, of course).
The problem is, that GDAA does not have an option to ask for reduced size / thumbnail version of an object (AFAIK), so I have to resort to combining both APIs, which makes the code more convoluted then I like (bottom of the page). Needles to state that the 'Resource ID' needed by the REST may not be immediately available.
So, the question is: Is there a way to ask GDAA for a 'thumbnail' version of a document?


Downloading thumbnails isn't currently available in the Drive Android API, and unfortunately I can't give a timeframe to when it will be available. Until that time, the Drive Java Client Library is the best way to get thumbnails on Android.

We'd appreciate if you go ahead and file a feature request against our issue tracker:

That gives requests more visibility to our teams internally, and issues will be marked resolved when we release updates.


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