event-handling,polymer,web-component , Polymer 1.0 how to call a paper-icon-button's tap when a coupled paper-input-container receives the enter key

Polymer 1.0 how to call a paper-icon-button's tap when a coupled paper-input-container receives the enter key


Tag: event-handling,polymer,web-component

I have a paper-input-container next to a paper-icon-button and want to trigger the same function that is wired to the paper-icon-button's on-tap handler when a user hit's enter while the input has focus... anyone know how to do this.

          <dom-module id="example-stuff" >
            :host {
              display: inline;
              margin-left: 15%;
              --paper-input-container-focus-color: #FFFFFF;
             color:#FFFFFF !important;
           <div style="width:100%;">
             <div style="width:50%;display:inline-block;position:absolute;">
              <paper-input-container style="display:inline-block;">
              <label>Actionable Text Here</label>
              <input is="iron-input" bind-value="{{actiontxt}}">
          <div style="width:20%;display:inline-block;margin-left: 200px;">
            <paper-icon-button icon="cloud-download" on-tap="handleClick"></paper-icon-button>

      (function () {
          is: 'automated-project-number',
          properties: {
            actiontxt: {
              type: String
          handleClick: function(e){
            console.log('do stuff');



Use iron-a11y-keys to listen for an enter keypress

<dom-module is="keypress-test">
<iron-a11y-keys target="[[_target]]" keys="enter" on-keys-pressed="_test"></iron-a11y-keys>
<paper-input-container id="input">
     <label>Enter Will Trigger</label>
     <input is="iron-input"></input>
<paper-input label="Enter Won't Trigger"></paper-input>

      is: "keypress-test",
      ready: function(){
           this.set('_target', this.$.input)
      _test: function(){
           console.log("Enter pressed")


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