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Class fields as method parameters


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My method needs to be strictly typed. If possible, I wanted to save some line of codes, setting the model properties from the parameter input by putting the model properties setter directly at the function definition.

The current working code:

class Connector {
  static def entityQuery(
    String httpMethod, 
    String typeName, 
    String orderFieldName,
    String orderOrderType,
    String orderOrderName
    EntityQuery model = new EntityQuery()
    model.httpMethod = httpMethod
    model.typeName = typeName
    model.order.fieldName = orderFieldname
    model.order.OrderType = orderOrderType
    model.order.OrderName = orderOrderName

    convertToMap( model )

wanted to achieve something like..

class Connector {

  static def entityQuery(
    String model.httpMethod, 
    String model.typeName, 
    String model.orderFieldName,
    String model.orderOrderType,
    String model.orderOrderName
    convertToMap( model )

There are many methods like entityQuery()


Assuming your EntityQuery.groovy ( model )looks like :

private String typeName
private Order order

Assuming you have Order.groovy ( model ) that looks like :

private String fieldName;
private String orderType;
private String orderName;

use these model chain as a parameter, I think that is still strongly-typed (correct me). Your Connector.groovy will look like:

entityQuery( String httpMethod, EntityQuery entityQuery ) {
  // do something with httpMethod?
  convertToMap( entityQuery )

Sample use of entityQuery :

Connector connector = new Connector()
connector.entityQuery( "POST", new EntityQuery(typeName: "issue", order : new Order(fieldName : "title", orderType : "express", orderName : "meatOrder")))

for the constructor syntax see : http://www.groovy-lang.org/objectorientation.html#_constructors


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