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Gnuplot 3D - plot scatter points and a surface *and* lines between the them


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I've been unable to find a way of producing the plot described in the title, does anyone know how to do this if it's possible? I'd like to plot a surface from a function, and plot points from a file, and have lines drawn between the points and the surface. The link below is an image that contains an example of what I'd like to do, taken from a stackoverflow question for an identical task (but for a different plotting program).

Graph example


You can do the calculations inside gnuplot's using statement. For the lines I use the vectors plotting style, and with arrowstyle variable (or linecolor variable) you can select different colors depending on the dz value:

set style arrow 1 linecolor rgb 'red' nohead
set style arrow 2 linecolor rgb 'green' nohead

splot f(x,y) with lines, \
    'points.dat' using 1:2:(f($1,$2)):(0):(0):(dz=$3-f($1,$2)):(dz < 0 ? 1 : 2) with vectors arrowstyle variable,\
    '' using 1:2:3 with points pt 7 ps 5

I'm not sure, which this gives problems with gnuplot 4.6. For your case you can also use linecolor variable or linecolor rgb variable to change the color of the vertical lines:

splot f(x,y) with lines, \
    'points.dat' using 1:2:(f($1,$2)):(0):(0):(dz=$3-f($1,$2)):(dz < 0 ? 0xff0000 : 0x00ff00) with vectors nohead linecolor rgb variable lw 5,\
    '' using 1:2:3 with points pt 7 ps 5


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