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Grails with custom many to many relationship, relational table with parameters


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I have domains: Comments, Secuser and Rating.

I would like that each comment can be rated once by SecUser +1 or -1. In the view of related comments (to the domain discussion) I would like to have a button to up-vote or down-vote the comment and refresh the view. The code I have so far: The comments view:

    <g:each in="${comments}" var="comm">
            <td><g:formatDate format="dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm" date="${comm.createDate}"/> </td>
            <td><button type="button" class="btn btn-default btn-lg" onclick="${remoteFunction(action: 'ratePositiveComment', update: 'content', params:[commentID:"${}"])}"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-thumbs-up" aria-hidden="false" style="float:right">${comm.numberPositiveRatings}</span></button>
                <button type="button" class="btn btn-default btn-lg" onclick="${remoteFunction(action: 'rateNegativeComment', update: 'content', params:[commentID:"${}"])}"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-thumbs-down" aria-hidden="false" onclick="addRating(-1, ${})" style="float:right">${comm.numberNegativeRatings}</span></button>

The comments controller:

class Comments {
    static belongsTo = Discussion
    Discussion discussion
    SecUser commentBy
    String comment
    Date createDate = new Date()
    static hasMany = [commRatings : Rating]

    public long getNumberPositiveRatings() {
    return  Rating.countByCommentRatedAndRate(this, 1);

    public long getNumberNegativeRatings() {
        return  Rating.countByCommentRatedAndRate(this, -1);

    List raters() {
        return commRatings.collect{it.ratingUser}

    List addToPosRatingUser(SecUser user) {
        Rating.positiveRating(user, this)
        //return raters()

    List addToNegRatingUser(SecUser user) {
        Rating.negativeRating(user, this)
       // return raters()

Rating domain:

class Rating {
    static belongsTo = Comments
    int rate
    SecUser ratingUser
    Comments commentRated

    static Rating positiveRating(ratingUser, commentRated) {
        def m = Rating.findByRatingUserAndCommentRated(ratingUser, commentRated)
        if (!m) {
            m = new Rating()
            m.rate = 1;
        return m

    static Rating negativeRating(ratingUser, commentRated) {
        def m = Rating.findByRatingUserAndCommentRated(ratingUser, commentRated)
        if (!m) {
            m = new Rating()
            m.rate = -1;
        return m

In the domain SecUser (Spring security plugin) I added:

class SecUser {

    transient springSecurityService

    String username
    String password
    String userEmail
    boolean enabled = true
    boolean accountExpired
    boolean accountLocked
    boolean passwordExpired

    static hasMany = [ratings:Rating]

    List ratedComments() {
        return ratings.collect{it.commentRated}

    List addPosCommentRating(Comments comm) {
        Rating.positiveRating(this, comm)
        return ratedComments()

    List addNegCommentRating(Comments comm) {
        Rating.negativeRating(this, comm)
        return ratedComments()

The CommentsController was scaffolded, the only added functions are:

def ratePositiveComment() {
    def rater = SecUser.findById(;
    if(rater!=null) {
        Comments comm = Comments.get(params.commentID);

def rateNegativeComment() {
    def rater = SecUser.findById(;
    if(rater!=null) {
        Comments comm = Comments.get(params.commentID);

Error code that I am getting is:

No signature of method: ForumProject.SecUser.addToRating() is applicable for argument types: (ForumProject.Rating) values: [ForumProject.Rating : (unsaved)]
Possible solutions: addToRatings(java.lang.Object). Stacktrace follows:
Message: No signature of method: ForumProject.SecUser.addToRating() is applicable for argument types: (ForumProject.Rating) values: [ForumProject.Rating : (unsaved)]
Possible solutions: addToRatings(java.lang.Object)


The addTo (and removeFrom) methods are derived from the name in the hasMany map. If you had declared

static hasMany = [rating:Rating]

then the addTo method would be addToRating and your code would be correct. As it is now you just need to change the calls to addToRatings.

p.s. This is bad:

def rater = SecUser.findById(;

springSecurityService.currentUser is already what you want, the SecUser that was used to create the Authentication when logging in, and it's retrieved from the database via a query, not from some cache. But you discard it after getting its id so you can load it again using an inefficient dynamic finder. Always use get instead of findById. So your code there should just be

def rater = springSecurityService.currentUser


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