if-statement,stata , Mutually exclusive conditionals don't work in Stata

Mutually exclusive conditionals don't work in Stata


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I have some data on Stata with some variables like logTA and class. I have more than a thousand observations and logTA doesn't have any missing values. Data looks like this:

logTA       class
--------    --------

Now, what I want to do is to assign values to class variable according to the following simple rules:

replace class = 1 if logTA < mean(logTA) - sd(logTA)
replace class = 2 if logTA >= mean(logTA) - sd(logTA) & logTA < mean(logTA) + sd(logTA)
replace class = 3 if logTA >= mean(logTA) + sd(logTA)

It looks simple but Stata doesn't have mean() and sd() functions that can be used in this way. Anyway, I replaced mean(logTA) with 19.76543 and sd(logTA) with 1.507828.

However, among many a thousand of observations, the observation with logTA = 21.26871 isn't assigned any class. How this could be possible when my conditionals are mutually exclusive?

Here I uploaded my file: http://wikisend.com/download/187254/problem.dta When I was trying to simplify the data set to send here, I realized that changing variable names solves the problem. So, in order to reproduce the error, just run the following code and check the last 9 rows.

gen sBuyuklukSinifi = .
replace sBuyuklukSinifi = 1 if logmToplamVarliklar < 19.76543 - 1.507828
replace sBuyuklukSinifi = 2 if logmToplamVarliklar >= 19.76543 - 1.507828 & logmToplamVarliklar < 19.74152 + 1.507828
replace sBuyuklukSinifi = 3 if logmToplamVarliklar >= 19.76543 + 1.507828


Here's how I might accomplish this:

/* Fake Data */
set seed 5615
set obs 100000
generate logTA = rnormal(19.76543,1.507828)
replace logTA=21.26871 in 1

summarize logTA, detail
generate class = . 
replace class = 1 if logTA < r(mean) - r(sd)
replace class = 2 if inrange(logTA,r(mean) - r(sd),r(mean) + r(sd))
replace class = 3 if logTA >= r(mean) + r(sd)

Results of calculations are stored by summarize in r() so that they can be easily accessed and substituted into subsequent commands, instead of typing the values.

I am not sure why your code does not work. I get the same answer as above with:

generate class2 = . 
replace class2 = 1 if logTA < 19.76503 - 1.513932
replace class2 = 2 if inrange(logTA,19.76503 - 1.513932,19.76503 + 1.513932)
replace class2 = 3 if logTA >= 19.76503 + 1.513932
tab class class2


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