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I'm compiling a lot of very similar object files using make and want to do something similar to the following:

BUILD_DIR := ./build/a

    $(CC) $(BUILD_DIR)/file.c

BUILD_DIR := ./build/b

    $(CC) $(BUILD_DIR)/file.c

Problem is that when I run

make a

The value of BUILD_DIR is build/b. I expected it would be build/a, when does make resolve the variable names? Is there any easy to read way to do what I want? I tried define/endef but got the same results.

Edit: Note that the suggested answer Immediate variable expansion in recipe won't really solve this problem. The answer there is to use target-specific variables. Note that I also need to use the variable with a non-target-specific variable:


If the variable is target-specific I won't be able to use it outside of the target like I want.


Etan's answer regarding target-specific variables will solve your problem, you just need to realize that := (immediate / simple) target-specific variables are resolved at assignment time, just like other := variables.

So, this will work:

# Force this to be a simple variable

BUILD_DIR := ./build/a

        $(CC) $(BUILD_DIR)/file.c

BUILD_DIR := ./build/b

        $(CC) $(BUILD_DIR)/file.c

Personally I suspect there are better ways to do this but without more information about the requirements you really need to meet it's not useful to speculate.


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