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Elastic search has deprecated Facets and recommend to use Aggregations (http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/1.x/search-aggregations.html) .

Is Spring Data Elastic Search supports this currently ?

If Yes, is there any Samples available ?


Yes aggregation is supported.

Example :

    public void shouldReturnAggregatedResponseForGivenSearchQuery() {
    // given
    IndexQuery article1 = new ArticleEntityBuilder("1").title("article four").subject("computing").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addAuthor(ARTUR_KONCZAK).addAuthor(MOHSIN_HUSEN).addAuthor(JONATHAN_YAN).score(10).buildIndex();
    IndexQuery article2 = new ArticleEntityBuilder("2").title("article three").subject("computing").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addAuthor(ARTUR_KONCZAK).addAuthor(MOHSIN_HUSEN).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2000).score(20).buildIndex();
    IndexQuery article3 = new ArticleEntityBuilder("3").title("article two").subject("computing").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addAuthor(ARTUR_KONCZAK).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2001).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2000).score(30).buildIndex();
    IndexQuery article4 = new ArticleEntityBuilder("4").title("article one").subject("accounting").addAuthor(RIZWAN_IDREES).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2002).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2001).addPublishedYear(YEAR_2000).score(40).buildIndex();

    elasticsearchTemplate.refresh(ArticleEntity.class, true);

    SearchQuery searchQuery = new NativeSearchQueryBuilder()
    // when
    Aggregations aggregations = elasticsearchTemplate.query(searchQuery, new ResultsExtractor<Aggregations>() {
        public Aggregations extract(SearchResponse response) {
            return response.getAggregations();
    // then
    assertThat(aggregations, is(notNullValue()));
    assertThat(aggregations.asMap().get("subjects"), is(notNullValue()));

code is copied from ElasticsearchTemplateAggregationTests.java


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Elastic search has deprecated Facets and recommend to use Aggregations (http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/1.x/search-aggregations.html) . Is Spring Data Elastic Search supports this currently ? If Yes, is there any Samples available ?...